Delivery Region


Where We Deliver

We are currently in our beta phase with a limited delivery radius. The map above highlights our current delivery radius.

Please input your address to make sure we can deliver to your door. 

Future Delivery Regions

Over the next few months, we will be expanding our delivery regions. Have a suggestion on where we should expand to? Let us know and contact us.


We got answers!
How can I cancel my delivery?

All sales of alcohol are final. We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring you.

Who does the delivery?

We do our own delivery! We have a network of trained couriers to fulfill deliveries and don’t outsource to shipping providers.

How can I schedule my delivery?

During our checkout process, you will be required to choose a delivery date and a specific time window. If you place an order before 1 PM you will have the option to choose if you want your beer delivered to you that same day, the next day, or two days in the future. No matter what you choose, delivery fees will never increase!

Do I need a form of identification upon delivery?

Yes, this is mandatory. A bona fide form of Identification must be scanned upon delivery in order for you to receive your order. The ID does not have to be from California. We do accept passports as long as we can scan it and verify you are in fact the person that is on the form of documentation.

How do delivery fees work?

We charge a flat rate fee of $5.99 no matter how many items you have in your cart.